Monday, July 7, 2014

More Ballasting and Work at the Shop Complex

I laid some more ballast around Horseshoe Curve last night. As usual, it was another exercise in hair pulling and teeth gnashing. I did get a helpful e-mail from a gentleman (Hi Bob!) who suggested using 70% isopropyl alcohol as a wetting agent and dripping on a 3 parts water to one part white glue mixture with a pipette. I may have to give the pipette a try. I tried simply pouring the Alcohol on along with the adhesive and it cause some of the ballast to move around. So I've got some touch up to do. Please keep the suggestions coming, I need all the help I can get.

In other news, I finished Cornerstone's Sanding Tower and Drying House kit. I sprayed the sanding tower Testors "Metallic Silver" and then brushed the bases Floqiol "Concrete" and the hoses Floquil "Engine Black."  For the sand holder, I went with Floquil "Roof Brown." And for the drying house, I used Floquil "Boxcar Red" for the walls and "Grimy Black" on the roof. I used some cheap grey acrylic paint for the mortar lines on the brick walls. 

Once the paint dried, I hit everything with a coat of weather wash, followed up by some Dulcote. Once that dried I brushed on a ton of black chalk dust to get the soot and cinder covered look I was after. I used some old Woodland Scenics Buff colored ballast for sand.

All told these building came out quite nicely. All I need now is a large water tank and that should round out the shop complex quite nicely.

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