Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back in the Saddle!

My summer hiatus is over a bit early. School is over for a while and I finally feel motivated to work on the layout again. First things first, I've added a new industry. The building is Model Power's "Old Coal Mine" kit. I went with Floquil "Roof Brown" for the woodwork and Grimy Black for the roof. Next, I cut a new turnout into the main line just before the bridge across the Conemaugh River.  With two long sidings, I should be able to move an entire hopper train off the layout. I've situated it in the space between Casandra and Johnstown in an area I'm dubbing East Conemaugh.

 Turning my attention back towards Gallitzin, I got LEDs installed and wired up in the remaining houses on the hill. Also, I plastered up the road leading from the business district through the residential area up to the top of the hill as well as the road leading down towards Horseshoe Curve. The latter road, visible in the top center of the above photo, simply runs into the ridge, tapers and dead ends. The dead end will not be visible an the tapering will give the illusion of greater distance.

Meanwhile, the real estate market is heating up in downtown Gallitizin.  Origionally I planned to include only the Model Power Railroad Hotel kit, Cornerstone's Jim's Repair Shop and DPM's Otto's Auto Parts and prebuilt Fill 'er and Fix'er up. Well, After I plotted out the roads and sidewalks, I realized I had room for more buildings. So I threw in a few more DPM building (Bruce's Bakery
 and Corener Apothcary), my Branchline Trains Tower House kit and an old AHM corner turret building. All of these building except the house and gas station were savaged from my last layout. 

I drilled holes and installed LEDs in each building as well as street lights. They will be wired up once I'm ready to install this section on the layout.