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There's not much to see yet since I'm only just getting started on scenery. I'll be uploading more pictures as work progresses.

The eastbound Broadway Limited meets a westbound way freight lead by L1s 2-8-2 #520.

An L1s 2-8-2 meets its modern replacement near the eastern portals of the Gallitzin Tunnels.

Two freights on the two outside tracks.

An eastbound manifest freight rolls along just past the east portal of Portage Tunnel.

A pair of Pennsy geeps get down on their knees pulling a heavy freight around Horseshoe Curve.

The Broadway Limited rounding Horseshoe in tht evening. 

The Broadway Limited roars past Kittanning Point Station.

Pennsy Power at Horseshoe Curve

The Broadway Limited, headed by K4s Pacific #1361 roars past Kittanning Point station without slowing down.

A westbound Norfolk Southern manifest headed by SD70M #2399 climbs toward Horseshoe Curve.

A Norfolk Southern unit coal train headed by the Lehigh Valley heritage unit heads west.

The broadway Limited racing uphill near Scotch Run.

A K4 Pacific leading the Broadway Limited past Kitanning Point Station exchanges salutes with and L1 Mikado.

A coal drag led by Norfolk Southern's Lehigh Valley heritage unit descends the grade near Scotch Run as N&W 611 hauls an excursion toward the curve.

The Broadway Limited headed by K4s Pacific #1361 easily overtakes a slower-moving coal train pulled by L1s Mikado #520. 

The eastbound Amtrak "Pennsylvanian" meets a westbound Conrail mixed freight just west of Altoona on the approach to Horseshoe Curve.

Amtrak's "Pennsylvanian" and a westbound Conrail mixed freight cross the short bridge over Scotch Run. The freight will son be rounding the famous Horseshoe Curve.

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