Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Track Progress

PRR 1361 and N&W 611 pose at the current end of operable track. This will be the eastern portal of the Gallitzin Tunnel.

It only seemed appropriate for a K4 Pacific to be the first to round horseshoe Curve.

I got some more track laid. The westbound tracks are now complete from Altoona to Gallitzin and are wired up. The eastbound track are complete to Horseshoe Curve.

Currently, the layout is wired for cab control. However, in the future I may upgrade to DCC. When it comes to wiring, I'm not messing around. Feeder wire are connected to the tracks every six feet. This should minimize, if not eliminate those annoying dead zones that can crop up. I'm also color-coding my wiring. Don't do it any other way. It makes it much easier to hunt down a problem.

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