Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Table Top is Built

Oh man, what a day it's been. But it's been a good day. I managed to get the layout's tabletop built. I started out with a layer of 1/4" luan plywood screwed to the benchwork. I then topped it with 2" styrofoam insulation. Easy right? Wrong! See since my wife and I both have a 50-mile round trip commutes, fuel efficiancy was the main factor in us buying our cars, a Toyota Yaris and Corolla respectively. Both cars a great for saving gas but for hauling 4x8 sheets of plywood? Not so good.

Thankfully Home Depot had us covered and provided a rental flatbed truck. But Home Depot gave with one hand and took with other. See for some stupid reason, absolutely none of their stores in Spartanburg County carry 2" styrofoam. So my wife and I had to tromp all the way to Greenville to buy the stuff. Kind of annoying but not a lot I can do about it.

Once I got the stuff home I cut the plywood down to size with a jig saw and used a hot knife on the foam. The latter should definitely be done in the garage with the door open. The fumes from the pink stuff are quite nasty.

The origional plan was to simply go with 2 layers of 2" foam. That was before I found out it cost $32 a sheet. Needless to say after I tallied up what 12 sheets would cost, I picked my jaw up of the floor and rethought the whole plan.

The next step is to get some cork road bed and some risers and inclines from Woodland Scenics. At this rate I should be able to start laying track by the end of the month.

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