Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Progress at Gallitzin

It's been another productive night and once again, I got a fair amount accomplished. I started with some detailing in the Gallitzin residential area. I planted a few Woodland Scenics trees around the houses, which really accented them quite nicely.  I'll be adding a few stands of trees beyond the houses as well.

Each house also received a Gold Medal Models TV antenna. These are CA glued to a dress shirt pin stuck through the roofs of the houses. I think the next project will be to add some picket fences.

Looking west from Gallitzin

New scenery at Route 53
With the houses done, I turned my attention to Route 53 once more. I began adding lichen to the mountains I built the other night and added some Woodland Scenics turf to the area to the left of the overpass. Once that was done, I went head and ballasted the track in the area.

Although I didn't take any photos, so you'll have to take my word for it, I wet ahead and plastered up some roads. I attempted to create a rock cut along the westbound tacks leading out of Gallitzin tunnel, but my hard shell scenery evidently wasn't hard enough and collapsed under the weight of the additional plaster. So I ended up having to rebuild the scenery in this area. Kind of annoying but no sense in crying about it.

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