Thursday, August 11, 2016

And then there were more mountains to go tell it on

Last night was certainly productive. I was in the zone and managed to get a lot of mountains built. First I extended the ridge dividing the east and westbound tracks in the Gallitzin industrial area. Next I filled in the gap between Vulcan and the tracks except for a small area that will be occupied by a passenger depot. Lastly, I plastered up some mountains between Route 53 and the beginning of Cassandra.  I also covered up the risers in this area on the opposite side of the tracks. 

In between Route 53 and Cassandra, will be a small farm. I have an American Model Builder farm house and barn as well as a Cornerstone windmill to complete the scene. 

once I was done building mountains, I decided to go ahead and paint the ones I told you about in my last entry. I feel like raw umber gives the best earth color for my money. The next step will be to cover it over with Lichen. I also have yet another roll of paving tape on order. Once it arrives, I should be able to finish most of the roads in Gallitzin.

While I was working last night, I realized that once Gallitzin is finished and I move on to the section between Cassandra and the Conemaugh River, most of the layout will have scenery. It's kind of mind boggling to realize I've done so much in only three years time.

Another realization I came to is this whole confining myself to one area at a time approach may not be the best fit for me. If I hit a roadblock under that approach, work on the layout stopped. But if I can do something somewhere else on the layout, why not do it? Rather than getting frustrated, just move on and come back later.

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