Monday, March 21, 2016

More Scenery and Some Cosmetics


Well, spring has sprung here in the Palmetto State and as usual, other things are competing for m time with model railroading. This is the time of year work gets busy and I'm on my feet more. As such I find myself with less energy and my focus tends to shift from working on the layout to running the trains and enjoying the fruits of my labor. 

This year however, my enthusiasm hasn't waned much like it has in previous years. Gallitzin is coming together exactly as I wanted it and I'm totally geeked to see it completed. For my latest scenery project, I built a small ridge between the east and westbound tracks leading up to the Route 53 overpass. 

In addition to scenery, I've also been working on some cosmetic things around the layout. Chief among them is skirting. See part of the deal with my wife when this layout was started was she got the area beneath for storage. Frankly seeing a bunch of boxes and clutter really detracts from the look of the layout. So, I went to Walmart and picked up a few cheap brown bed sheets. They're held in place with some thumb tacks. It's easily removable for when it's time to sling some plaster.

Also along the cosmetics line is a major train room cleanup. The room is a disorganized mess and every work night seems to have more than its fair share or "damn, where the hell is that (insert tool or part here)?" This will be an ongoing project.

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