Tuesday, March 15, 2016

As you can see, I've gotten some more lights installed and wired up. Now one problem I've noticed with these LEDs is they are turn-night-into-day bright. As such even these houses painted dark colors tend to glow. Normally, the solution to this problem is painting the insides of the walls black. This worked on three out of four houses. However, my Model Power farm house is glued to a plastic with only a mall hole to allow a lightbulb. As such paining the inside is next to impossible. A solution has yet to present itself.

And hows about the streetlights? Aren't they, um, great? I ordered them from China via eBay and they looked good in the pic. Unfortunately, these things are freaking huge! Like HO scale huge. Well, since I don't have time to track down a replacement they'll have to do. It kind of take me back to my O-Gauge Hi Rail days.

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