Monday, November 9, 2015

More Progress at Gallitzin

It is definitely full steam ahead at Gallitzin. I started thing off by getting the piece of foam in between the Gallitzin and Portage Tunnels to the correct height. The I set about hacking away one end of it with my hot knife to form a gradual slope down to track level. I also test fit some of the structures I plan to use there including Model Power's Railroad Hotel, Cornerstone's Jim's Repair Shop, Woodland Scenic Filler' up and Fixer'up and a few DPM buildings.

While I was at it, I situated another Rix Early Highway Overpass across the westbound tracks. Again, this is merely a mockup at this point, but I think it looks darn good. Rather than use the supplied pier, I opted for a pair of Chooch Enterprises stone abutments. These will need to be weathered before being situated.

On the subject of weathering, I weathered the Route 53 overpass. I mainly used black chalk, since this thing would be covered with cinders and soot from passing steam locomotives. It's hard to tell from the above photos. Also hard to tell from the photos is that I painted the rails underneath bridge. Always a laborius process, yet it yields awesome results.

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