Sunday, February 15, 2015

One Layout, Three, wait..make that Four Eras


The real Pennsylvania Railroad main line that I'm modeling has changed hands a number of times over the past 47 years. As you all know I have multiples eras represented on this layout. I'm sure you've noticed an era is missing, Penn Central. Well that all changed this weekend. 

Without getting into too much history, the Penn Central Transportation company existed from 1968 to 1976. It was formed out of the merger of the Pennsy and its arch rival the New York Central. The New Haven was added in 1969 at the insistence of the ICC. The merger was not successful and the company was bankrupt by 1970 and merged into Conrail along with seven other bankrupt northeastern railroads.

At any rate I had a Life Like GP20 and an Atlas/Kato GP30 painted and lettered for my old Cherokee Foothills railroad. These were among the last engines still wearing CFRR paint. I been wondering what to do with them for some time and decided to paint them up for Penn Central.

The paint job was each, Floquil Engine Black from stem stern followed by Microscale decals. I don;t know if the decals were old or just a bad batch but it was a knock-down drag-out fight to get them applied. They needed to soak far  longer than the instructions called for and broke apart during application.But all in all I think the equipment turned out nicely.

In other news, I also made some more progress at the curve. The reservoir's intake structure is painted and installed. Glenwhite Road is paved and painted up to the bottom of the lake and the water is coming along nicely.

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