Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ground Broken on Johnstown Yard

A short branch line will link Johnstown to a coal truck dump.

The staging yard will have two run-through tracks and two stub-end tracks.
Yesterday, work finally got underway on the Johnstown staging yard. Like it's counterpart in Altoona, it will be visible and sceniced. The first part of the project consisted of moving the various material I had stored on that end of the layout. And boy there was a lot of it!

Once I'd clear sufficient real estate, I set about layoing down Midwest Products cork road bed. Unlike Altoona, where all tracks run through, two will be dead ends. Also included in the festivities was a short branch line that runs east out of Johnstown, with a spur for Red Wing Milling and George Roberts Printing. Ultimately, the branch line will terminate at the coal truck dump.

Now, I'm waiting on an order of rail joiners in order to complete the project.

Another project of mine was this Lifelike "William's Country Store" kit. Right away I decided I didn't like the stock colors. So I painted the walls "Roof Brown" and the roof "Grimy Black." I originally wanted to do "Antique White" on the trim but, being a runny pain-in-the-ass, I decided to go with "Rail Brown" instead. Now all that's left is weathering.

I'm also not sure I like the base. If it weren't for all the steps and stuff, I wouldn't have bothered. Honestly the bases look awful and are hard to disguise. I may just cut most of it off with my Dremmel and be done with it.

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