Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finished Cornerstone's Backshop Kit

The latest addition to the Altoona Shop complex is the Cornerstone Backshop kit. The backshop is where steam locomotives requiring major repairs (a job that took three days or more to complete) were sent. I painted the walls Floquil "Boxcar Red," the trim Floquil "Concrete," the roof Floquil "Grimy Black," and the garage doors Testors Silver.

After the paint dried, I used some cheap grey acrylic paint to fill in the mortar lines on the brick walls. Once assembled I added the decals, put on a coat of weather wash and the hit the whole thing with a generous helping of black chalk. With vast number of steam engines in the shop and running on the main line, this building would be covered with soot and cinders. After chalk, I hit the building with a coat of Dulcote.

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