Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finished Model Power's "Decorated Christmas House" and a Motive Power Update

I finished the last of the Model Power house kits. This one comes with Christmas decorations printed on it. I had originally intended to just paint over them. But then my wife saw the kit and since Christmas is her favorite holiday, she convinced me to leave it as is. No paint, no weathering, just a coat of Dulcote to kill the plasicty shine.

Now there's one little problem with keeping the Christmas decorations, my layout is set in the summer! Oh well, there's always one or two tasteless rubes who leave them up all year round. A bit more problematic is the color scheme MP decided to go with, baby blue windows on white walls, yuck. But since the guy that owns the place is obviously a tasteless rube, the ugly colors can be excused. Anyway, that's it for the Model Power house kits.

In other news, I've sent my Minitrix K4 off to be re-motored and re-geared. Even with the addition of all-wheel tender pickup, it still runs far too fast and too rough for my liking. I'll have more once I get the engine back.

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