Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finished the House Kit From Hell

Oh my God, what a holy terror this kit was to put together! The "Tower House" is my first Branchline Trains kit. Now, laser-cut wood kits are in general a bit more difficult to put together than plastic but this one was tough by wood standards.

First of the instructions just plain suck! They really don't do a good job of telling you which parts go where and how they're supposed to fit together. As a result, I had to pull pieces apart and re-assemble them several times.

If that weren't enough, a number of pieces simply didn't fit together the way the instructions said they should. This led to just whole lot of hair pulling, teeth gnashing and cursing at walls. Honestly, the folks Branchline should have measured twice before they fired up the old wood zapper!

As for paint, I went with Floquil "Depot Buff" of the walls, "Boxcar Red" on the trim and "Grimy Black" on the roof.

So yeah, definitely not a good first impression for Branchline Trains. But unfortunately other than the previously-mentioned Model Power kits, they're pretty much the only game in town in terms of house kits.

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