Monday, March 10, 2014

Scenery Work Continues

I've been making some steady progress on the scenery. I decided that the steepest part of the mountain would make a great rock outcrop. I made the rocks by smearing join compound on the mountain, then taking some aluminum foil, wadding it up and opening it back up. I then stuck the foil into the joint compound and allowed it to dry.

While the rock formation was drying, I glued lichen of varying shades of green to the top of the mountain to simulate distant trees. Personally, I like the look of lichen over the more traditional polly fiber "puff ball" trees used for this purpose.

After the rocks dried, I attempted to use several colors of diluted Apple Barrel acrylic paints to stain them. I think I diluted them too much because the rocks are still far to white. I'll take another stab at it soon.

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