Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finished Cornerstone's "Modern Coaling Tower" Kit

This kit contains a lot of tiny, intricate detail parts. As such it took me the better part of three nights to put together. Unlike the last kit, I wasn't really buying the stock colors on this one. I went with Floquil "Concrete" on the walls and "Grimy Black" on the roof. The windows and walkways were left in stock colors however.

After The building was painted and assembled, I brushed on a coat of weather wash. Once that dried, I took some left over Microscale PRR Keystone logo decals and applied them to the top of the tower. After that I sprayed on a coat of Matte Finish (a cheaper, stinkier version of Testors Dulcote). When that was done I added a heaping helping of black and gray chalks to get that soot and cinder-covered look I was after. I topped it off with another coat of matte finish.

So anyway, that's two buildings down but still quite a few more to go.

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