Pennsy Locomotives

Steam Engines:

Broadway Limited Imports M1a # 6720

The long-awaited BLI M1 4-8-2 finally arrived in April of 2016. Like my other BLI models, she features DCC and sound.

Bachmann K4s Pacific #5448

Modeling the Pennsy would be next to impossible without a K4s Pacific. Bachmann released this amazing model in 2015. It features a Soundtraxx dual-mode decoder. Other than a coal load in the tender, this model is completely stock.

Minitrix K4s Pacific #1361

PRR #1361 is one of two surviving K4s. As delivered, this engine was a poor runner. It suffered from poor electrical pickup, had a low-quality motor and gearing. The result was a fussy, stall-prone engine that ran too fast. It needed help! 

I addressed the electrical pickup issue by replacing the stock tender trucks with their ineffective axle wipers with Bachmann all-wheel pickup trucks. I hardwired them to the motor. This allowed me to at least run the locomotive through turnouts without it stalling.

However, the locomotive's poor-quality motor and gearing limited the low-end speed and made for very herky-jerky performance. The drivers also had a nasty tendency to bind up from time to time. 

I sent the locomotive to Max Magliaro, who replaced the stock motor with a Faulhaber 1319 coreless motor. He also replaced the gears with a new 4:1 gear set and corrected the bind. The result was much smoother operation and greatly enhanced slow-speed creep. I can crawl this locomotive along at 5 scale miles per hour. Max also blackened the wheels and side rods and added a bright white LED headlight.

With the engine running well, I the turned my attention toward the paint. I painted the boiler, cab and most of the tender with Floquil "Brunswick Green." I painted the cab roof and top of the tender Floquil "Tuscan" and the smoke box Floquil "Graphite." I then sprayed on a coat of Testor's Dulcote.

Key Imports/Samhongsa I1sa 2-10-0

My first and so far only brass locomotive. 

Kato/GHQ L1s 2-8-2 #520

This is a Kato USRA Heavy Mikado coverted into an L1s with a GHQ kit. In keeping with my tradition of numbering my models after preserved locomotives, I numbered this one 520. The real 520 is on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA.

Minitrix B6 0-6-0 #1670

Just like its bigger brother, the K4, this locomotive suffered from poor power pickup. My first project was to replace the stack tender trucks, which offered no power pickup what so ever with Bachmann trucks. This greatly improved the locomotives performance. I also replaced the stock headlight with an LED and added a Digitrax DZ 126I decoder.

In keeping with my trend of modeling preserved steamers, I numbered this one 1670. The real #1670 resides in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA. 

Diesel Engines:


These Broadway Limited E7s came with factory installed sound decoders. They boast an incredible level of detail and are excellent runners.

Baldwin DR 12-8 3000 "Centipedes":

Broadway Limited's long-awaited Centipede model. They come with two powered units with DCC and sound.

Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster:

An atlas locomotive.  Other than a Digitrax decoder, the locomotive is stock.

EMD "Torpedo Tube" GP7

The loco was originally painted in Erie Lackawanna livery. 


Another repaint. Contrary to popular belief, the presence or absence of a dynamic brake blister (The big bulge atop the long hood) is NOT the correct way to distinguish a GP9 from a GP7. Rather the GP7 has a trio of louvers beneath the cab that the GP9 lacks. This difference can be seen in the above photos.

Fairbanks-Morse H16-44

I bought an undecorated Atlas shell and painted it. Definitely not my finest hour on this one. The lettering looks like it was applied by a bunch of drunks! This locomotive also sports Digitrax DCC.

Lifelike Alco FA/FB1:

Bachmann GE 44-Tonner:

Bachmann Alco RS3:



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