Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finished Model Power's Brewery Kit

First off, let me apologize to the entire world for the ugly color scheme of this particular structure.  Truth be told I this kit wouldn't have been my first choice but my wife saw it at a train show we went to together. Since my other hobby is brewing beer, she bought it for me. As such it's going on the layout.

Now, as delivered, this kit came in a horrifically ugly paint scheme. Mustard yellow walls, gray roof and chocolate brown wood work. 

So yeah, that had to go. The first thing I did was chuck the elaborate base, which I thought looked cheap and cheesy. The next thing I did was break out the paint. I brushed the walls Floquil "Depot Buff," the wood work Floquil "Roof Brown," the roof  "Grimy Black" and I sprayed the walls Testor's Olive. 

Next I did the usual song and dance of filling the mortar lines with grey poster paint. This ended up making the walls look filthy. At this point I hit the walls with some weather wash (probably overkill at this point), sprayed it with Dulcote and called it done.

All in all I don't think the kit looks any better. But then again it doesn't really look worse either. Let's call it a draw. If anything, the yellow walls and black roof kind of make it look like a Fitch Barrier:

In fact I may need to make up a "Fitch Brewing" sign.

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