Friday, January 23, 2015

More Scenery Work

I spent most of this afternoon working on the scenery between Horseshoe Curve and the east port of the Gallitzin Tunnels. The first thing I did was finish building the east side of the mountain range. For this I used the old plaster-soaked paper towel method. It may be old school but it's cheap and it works.

Once the plaster dried, I brushed on a coat of raw umber paint. While the paint was drying, I installed the eastern portal of the Gallitzin Tunnel. I've also test-fitted the east portal of the Portage Tunnel. I'll install it permanently when it's painted. The portals are Woodland Scenics double-track.

Once the paint had dried, I set about gluing six bags of lichen to the mountains used Elmer's spray adhesive. Oh and somewhere in there I also managed to plaster up and stain a few rock formations. At any rate, not too shabby for one afternoon.

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