Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finished Model Power's Victorian House Kit

Wow, this kit was really hard to to put together. And I don;t mean hard difficult; I mean hard tedious. Being a Model Power kit I was expecting it to be simple, four walls and roof. The walls, window trim, cornices, railings and what not were all separate pieces! It took me well over week to put this thing together.

For the most part I left the building in its stock colors except the roof, which got painted Floquil "Grimy Black," the Cornices that got painted "Depot Buff" and the widnow trim that got "Antique White."

I started out by taking the walls and slathering on gray poster paint and then wiping off most of it. This fills in the mortar lines and gives one a very realistic brick look. From there on it was basically follow the instructions.

I weathered the building with a coat of dark weather wash followed up by a coat of Dulcote.

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